About Sandy

Sandy grew up in a family with 12 brothers and sisters – to which she credits her great sense of humor - which provided her with much learning on how to get along with people with different  temperaments, how to share, and enjoy every moment of life. 
She graduated with a degree in Sales and Management, but soon realized her heart was for helping others learn to love themselves. On her journey she battled cancer scares three times, lived through an unhealthy marriage and overcame 30 years of compulsive overeating. 
Dubbed, “Life’s Cheerleader,” Sandy’s most fulfilling role – besides being ‘Mom’ to three precious daughters - Jacki, Katie and Lauren - was learning to validate and honor her spirit, finding and becoming the person they were created to be, and being able to pass on the lessons so everyone can discover love themself and accept and fall madly in love with the person they were created them to be. 
Empowered by these lessons, Sandy helps people to celebrate their uniqueness, let go of life’s garbage, conquer fears, and have fun while doing it! Sandy’s example and coaching have inspired tens of thousands to find hope in living, and find the fulfillment and fun that they deserve. 
She graced stages all over the country bringing a message of empowerment and hope, as a professional speaker. After her term as National Speakers Association President in Tennessee, she pursued another avenue, life coaching.
In January 2014, Sandy graduated From Radiant Health Institute with a certification in Holistic Life Coaching. 
Sandy’s desire is:
To ignite the spark of everyday life in each soul she connects with
To create a contagious excitement for each new role in every chapter of life
Work with people to constantly see the blessings in each moment
See people laugh and love life!


Sandy Griffin is a graduate of Radiant Health Institute's Holistic Life Coach training program. 


Sandy Griffin


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